Featured Projects

From the very first start we are happy to present our current projects, research papers and final works (written at one of our Partner Universities) of the current year. The first pilot projects are performed by the Faculty of Computer Science at Kempten University. They will be followed by projects in various faculties. Our icons show at a glance which faculty a project is assigned to. The disk stands e.g. for computer science, the gear wheel for mechanical engineering, the light bulb for electrical engineering and the briefcase for business administration.

Current Projects

Free Riders

Free Riders is a project that researches public goods games with punishment in cooperation with Michigan State University.

Asymmetric Public Good Games

APGG or Asymmetric Public Goods Games is a software framework developed to simulate Public Goods Games.

EVO Snake

This project combines the principles of mutation and selection with the videogame Snake to improve the understanding of neural evolution.


The Apportionment Problem – How to Distribute Parliamentary Seats among Counties or States

Nutella Gate

Sum of Ranking Differences – An innovative statistical comparison method

Complex payment profiles

Structured resource allocation for socially acceptable economic growth: Complex payment


RightRide is a mountain bike tour planner that allows you to plan a suitable route for your trip to the “Allgäuer Alpen”.

Robbie Voice Controlled Robot

Robbie is a Lego robot that can be controlled by speech.

Please proceed!

Since you did not read the terms and conditions for your last game, you are now the victim of a crazy game developer who abuses you as a test subject for his strange new game mechanics.

Hey Doc!

The aim of the project was to develop a prototype of a serious game on the subject of patient

Formula Student Driverless

„formula student driverless“ is a part of the international racing competition „formula student“ where students build a single seat racecar which is able to drive autonomous without a driver.


Holo4Industries is an application for the Microsoft HoloLens for supporting the mechanical engineering sector. The aim was to find use cases for the Microsoft HoloLens at a milling machine to support service technicians.

Smart Service Solutions

Smart Service Solutions is an application for Apple smart watches which machine operators use to see the status of the machines in the production.

IOT – Industry 4.0 data analysis

Evaluation of modern IoT platforms and creation of a proof of concept for them. Enables the creation of a virtual data-driven 5-axis milling machine.


The goal of the project was to develop a software for credit scoring with machine learning while using the open-source blockchain protocol EOSIO as the key technology.


The deveolpment of an app that provides touristic information about points of interest.

Simulation of fixed basic income

Combining evolutionary and cooperative game theory in an experimental simulation platform with applications to a fixed basic income guarantee.


In the two projects Cambodunum I and II, the students had to recreate essential building complexes of the former Roman settlement in Kempten and to integrate them into a game in order to make history clear and understandable to lay people.

Graduation Works

Caterpillar experiments

This paper contains the process of having implemented DART (Dynamic Animation and
Robotics Toolkit), an open source physics engine, usually used mainly for robotics, into
MABE (Modular Agent-Based Evolution platform), a tool to evolve and analyze digital brains,
using C++.