Please proceed!


Since you (for inexplicable reasons) did not read the terms and conditions for your last game, you are now the victim of a crazy game developer who abuses you as a test subject for his strange new game mechanics.
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Short description

In Please Proceed you find yourself as a test subject in a scientific test facility where you have to help the crazy game developer named Viktor to test new and abstruse game ideas and mechanics. To do this, you are exposed to various psychological and physiological tests, and are allowed to explore different theories such as color theory, the phenomenon of selection overload, and theories of expectation.
In the course of the game one begins to doubt more and more the meaningfulness of this experimental setup and the mental stability of Viktor, who is confronted with ever more abstruse tasks.

About the project

For Viktor’s animation, motion capture tools were used to present his facial expressions and body movements convincingly and to express his various emotional states authentically.

Source reference

The face of the main character “Victor” was kindly provided by FaceWare:

Project team

Marian Friedrich, Dietmar Pisalski, Bernhard Strobl, Simon Fehler, Simon Berger, Isabell Fleuter, Juliane Schulz, Stefan Schnurrer, Anna Tribulowski, Christoph Baumann
Supervising professor: Prof. Klaus Ulhaas
In the context of the project “Development of a game with Facial Motion Capture Techniques” at the Faculty of Computer Science, Game Engineering
Date of realization: SS 2019