International Project Server Kempten

Welcome to Kempten University’s International Project Server (IPS)!

Practice-oriented project work is an integral part of training in various faculties at a German University of Applied Sciences. At the same time, the importance of internationally oriented education is rapidly increasing in a more and more global economy.

We would like to accept this challenge as a great opportunity and offer international project teams consisting of students from Kempten University as well as partner universities the opportunity to host their projects on our international project server free of charge.

Supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art, we can offer international project teams an innovative environment and best conditions for the joint processing of their projects.

The project server serves as a “protected area” for the development, quality assurance and documentation of student project work, theses and research projects and strengthens the external appearance of Kempten University’s international activities. Furthermore it should inform our international partners e.g. about successful projects and attractive offers for visiting students.

We use Git as free software for local version management of files. Furthermore we work with Gitlab, an open source software, that allows us to manage Git Repos online. Gitlab is suitable for managing projects, users, groups, ticket management and wiki, and is very popular with our students because of its easy usability.

During the entire project period students are supervised by the professors of the department and benefit from a multitude of assistance, which ensures a quick start to the project as well as a strategic approach.

The weekly international team meetings during the project take place via web conferencing and allow participants to get to know each other personally. In addition, students have access to special chat software on the server, which they can use for uncomplicated, fast communication with each other.

Being part of such an international project team does not only mean valuable practical experience and strengthening your own team competence. It also means experiencing totally different perspectives and approaches, broadening your language skills as well as your horizons and making new contacts around the world! During all international projects English is spoken.
All projects will subsequently be presented on our website.

Would you like to use the international project server for joint student project work with us? We are looking forward to get into contact!