What is allowed to be hosted?2019-05-06T09:01:45+02:00

Joint student project work with partner universities (3-8 Kempten students + 3-8 students from the partner university). Research work with international partners (this includes in particular final theses under joint supervision with lecturers abroad). Student project work of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in English with the participation of international students. Student project work of Kempten University of Applied Sciences, to which at the end of the semester, in return, an English-language report will be made available, which is suitable for the recruitment of international students in subsequent semesters.

What is not allowed to be hosted?2019-06-04T10:56:29+02:00

Any data subject to a confidentiality clause, like e.g. confidential data from an industrial partner, is not allowed to be stored on the International Project Server.

Who can participate in the international joint projects?2019-06-04T10:57:35+02:00

Our first projects are in collaboration with Michigan State University, a long-standing partner in the field of computer science. After the introductory phase in summer semester 2019, we would like to extend the cooperation to other partner universities in Europe and worldwide.

What kind of faculties can take part?2019-06-04T10:18:29+02:00

The first projects are offered in the field of computer science, but after the pilot phase all faculties are invited to use the international project server. Cross-faculty projects are also encouraged.

What prior knowledge is needed?2019-04-14T15:57:25+02:00

Special prior knowledge is not required. GIT and GITLAB can be intuitively used after a short period of training and offer one of the most commonly used versioning tools in software development, as well as some project management features common in agile development . We have compiled a short introduction to the topic ourselves and there is extensive documentation for these tools available online.

Which system is used on the server?2019-04-14T15:57:50+02:00

We work with the versioning software GIT and the project management system GITLAB.

Do we offer support?2019-06-04T10:18:00+02:00

Yes, of course we offer a reliable support in case of questions or problems. Please contact us via email ips@hs-kempten.de. We are happy to help. Thanks for your understanding that due to the different time zones there may be a short wait.

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