We imagine that in the future international projects will run regularly at our university and become an indispensable permanent institution.
In this way, we want to improve cooperation with international partner universities in projects, research and teaching and give our students the opportunity to interact internationally and profit from different perspectives and approaches.

In selecting a professional version control and project management system, we drew on the experience of our international partners and jointly selected an innovative system for implementation. Our international project server is professionally structured and equipped, especially accessible for our project teams at any time. Data security is ensured by appropriate access control and regular short backup intervals. The project server should provide our international project teams with a reliable working basis.

For optimal adaptability and cost neutrality, we exclusively use open source components. We present international projects of our university, which are hosted on the project server, during the course of the project or after completion of the project here on our website.

Our vision is to create an optimal basis for successful international projects through innovative technologies, user-optimized support and various entry aids, thus making them attractive for our students. Through growing international contacts, we would also like to see an increasingly intensive exchange in research and teaching and an overall enriching international cooperation.