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The aim of the project was to develop a prototype of a serious game on the subject of patient management. The game is intended to train prospective physicians to record the patient’s condition and the course of treatment with standard document templates or to be able to read/understand the documentation.

Short description

In close cooperation with the Medical Education Center of the Technical University of Munich, a 2D game was developed which combines different graphic styles to an aesthetic overall picture and which is designed for use on mobile devices. Using an online interface, the instructor/supervisor can enter new case studies into the system and analyze game behavior. The player takes over the documentation and enters information from various sources into a “Kardex”. The documentation for different patient cases takes place over a defined treatment period.

Overview of all hospital rooms.

Zoomed in view of a hospital room.

Nurse conveying patient information.

Score Screen.


For the cooperation and support we would like to thank Prof. Dr. med. Berberat and his team, especially Mrs. Rathfelder, Mrs. Mosene, Mrs. Dr. med. Klein, Dr. Dr. med. Daniel Hartmann and Dr. med. Seppel for organizing our participation in a real course as well as answering our questions and making information and teaching material available.

Project team

Vanessa Ellenrieder, Dominikus Bertl, Julian Leibmann, Matthias Heim, Philipp Müller
Supervising professor & project manager: Prof. Dr. Christoph Bichlmeier
In the context of “Project Work Game Engineering” at the Faculty of Computer Science, Master Program Game Engineering and Visual Computing
Date of realization: SS 2019