Formula Student Driverless


„formula student driverless“ is a part of the international racing competition „formula student“ where students build a single seat racecar which is able to drive autonomous without a driver.

Short description

The goal of the project is to develop a software solution which is able to detect track delimiters with a camera and simultaneously to create a map which determines the cars direction along the circuit. In addition to the complex „simultaneous location and mapping“ (SLAM) the software should be able to control the car via CAN messages. The CAN (Controller Area Network) allows to send rapid and faultless messages which control e.g. the car‘s speed, engine or steering angle.The project is electrifying with its diversity. Students from different faculties like mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science are working together to develop the racecar. The project makes it possible to gain new expertise in autonomous vehicle systems, project management and social skills.

What the car camera sees.

Project team

Bertele Marius, Boeck Daniel, Proske Kilian, Renz Kevin, Rueckinger Jonas, Schmidt Thomas, Schoell Anton, Seffczyk Daniel, Thomma Stefan
Supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deinzer
Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science, University of Applied Science Kempten
Date of realization: SS2019