IOT – Industry 4.0 data analysis at a milling machine

IOT - Industry 4.0 data analysis Teaser Enable the creation of a virtual data driven 5-axis milling machine. Short description Evaluate modern IOT-Platforms and create a proof of concept for these. Using agile development and with the newest technology at hand. Successful evaluation [...]

IOT – Industry 4.0 data analysis at a milling machine2019-09-26T11:46:27+02:00


Holo4Industries Teaser Holo4Industries is an application for the Microsoft HoloLens for supporting the mechanical engineering sector. Short description In this project the students worked in cooperation with the company DMG Mori. Their aim was to find cases for using the Microsoft HoloLens at [...]


Smart Service Solutions

Smart Service Solutions Teaser Smart Service Solutions is an application for Apple smart watches which machine operators use to see the status of the machines in the production. Short Description The goal of this project was to develop an application which improves the work [...]

Smart Service Solutions2019-09-20T12:16:26+02:00

Formula Student Driverless

Formula Student Driverless Teaser „formula student driverless“ is a part of the international racing competition „formula student“ where students build a single seat racecar which is able to drive autonomous without a driver. Short description The goal of the project is to develop a software solution which is [...]

Formula Student Driverless2019-08-12T08:51:14+02:00

Please proceed!

Please proceed! Teaser Since you (for inexplicable reasons) did not read the terms and conditions for your last game, you are now the victim of a crazy game developer who abuses you as a test subject for his strange new game mechanics. Play Please Proceed now for free at: Short [...]

Please proceed!2019-08-12T08:50:23+02:00

Hey Doc!

Hey Doc! Teaser The aim of the project was to develop a prototype of a serious game on the subject of patient management. The game is intended to train prospective physicians to record the patient's condition and the course of treatment with standard document templates or to be able to read/understand [...]

Hey Doc!2019-08-12T21:30:02+02:00


RightRide Teaser RightRide is a mountain bike tour planner that allows you to plan a suitable route for your trip to the “Allgäuer Alpen”. Short description The software was planned and programmed as part of a semester project by 6 students from [...]



Robbie – Voice Control for Robots Teaser Robbie is a robot that can be controlled by speech. Short description The goal of the project is the control of a robot by speech. It should be able to control basic driving commands such [...]


EVO Snake

EvoSnake Teaser This project combines the principles of mutation and selection with the videogame Snake to improve the understanding of neural evolution. Short description The goal of this project was to apply evolutionary principles to the famous videogame "Snake". This historical retro [...]

EVO Snake2019-08-12T08:49:44+02:00

Free Riders

Free Riders Teaser This project investigates the question of public goods in our society, like e.g. roads or public infrastructure, police, the fire brigade or the health system. How can we make sure that everybody contributes to common welfare, e.g. by paying taxes or contributions? If we are using the classical [...]

Free Riders2021-11-24T14:41:58+01:00
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