IOT – Industry 4.0 data analysis


Enable the creation of a virtual data driven 5-axis milling machine.

Short description

Evaluate modern IOT-Platforms and create a proof of concept for these. Using agile development and with the newest technology at hand. Successful evaluation of all given platforms and implementation of the needed proof of concept.

About the project

The special aspect at this interdisciplinary project is the connection between the Faculties mechanical engineering and computer science. This contains that the students are from different courses of studies. Different Backgrounds and varied knowledge results in an exciting and challenging teamwork.

Project team

Students taking part in the project: Dimitri Bigler, Alex Dieckmann, Kilian Fuehrer, Alex Engel, Hoa Le Kemmann, Yassine Zouad, Andreas Schorer, Julian Hämmerle, Matthias Moser, Belmin Sakirovski
Supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Wind, Prof. Dr. Winz
Faculty: computer science, mechanical engineering
Date of realization: SS 2019