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RightRide Teaser RightRide is a mountain bike tour planner that allows you to plan a suitable route for your trip to the “Allgäuer Alpen”. Short description The software was planned and programmed as part of a semester project by 6 students from [...]



Caterpillar experiments in MABE Physics Teaser Implementing a Physics Engine into the MABE Framework in cooperation with Michigan State University Short description This paper contains the process of having implemented DART (Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit), an open source physics engine, usually used mainly for robotics, into MABE (Modular Agent-Based Evolution [...]



Robbie – Voice Control for Robots Teaser Robbie is a robot that can be controlled by speech. Short description The goal of the project is the control of a robot by speech. It should be able to control basic driving commands such [...]


EVO Snake

EvoSnake Teaser This project combines the principles of mutation and selection with the videogame Snake to improve the understanding of neural evolution. Short description The goal of this project was to apply evolutionary principles to the famous videogame "Snake". This historical retro [...]

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Free Riders

Free Riders Teaser This project investigates the question of public goods in our society, like e.g. roads or public infrastructure, police, the fire brigade or the health system. How can we make sure that everybody contributes to common welfare, e.g. by paying taxes or contributions? If we are using the classical [...]

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Workflow At this point we would like to introduce you to a possible workflow in an international project. The individual tiles with different topics each represent a specific part of the workflow and are written from the point of view of a project member. Due to the pilot projects, there is currently [...]


Asymmetric Public Good Games

APGG Teaser APGG or Asymmetric Public Goods Games is a software framework, which was developed as one of the first international projects in cooperation with Michigan State University. Short Description The goal was to create a modern, fast, extendable, reliable and easy [...]

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