In the two projects Cambodunum I and II, the students had to recreate essential building complexes of the former Roman settlement in Kempten and to integrate them into a game in order to make history clear and understandable to lay people.

Short description

The task was to recreate the large Roman thermal baths (Cambodunum I) and the forum (Cambodunum II) three-dimensionally as a game level and to incorporate them into a serious game. The students should also create a suitable game concept that was understandable and playable for museum visitors of all ages without much instruction. In addition, the Roman settlement should be experienced both on a normal computer and alternatively with head mounted displays.

About the project

The project was created in cooperation with the “Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC)” in Kempten, especially with Dr. Maike Sieler, the head of the APC. In addition, virtual reality had to be constantly reconciled with the archaeological findings. Missing links were added in consultation with archaeologists.

Project team

Franziska Kistner, Vanessa Ellenrieder, Jonas Riegger, Johannes Obels, Maxim, Daniele Stückroth, Sebastian Kaunzinger, Manuel Klemm, Peter Fefelow (Cambodunum I) & Peter Kerz, Lukas Latussek, Florian Theyerl (Cambodunum II)
Supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Tobias C. Breiner
Faculty: Faculty for Computer Science
Project in cooperation with: Archeological Parc Cambodunum in Kempten
date of realization: SS 2017 (Cambodunum I) & SS 2019 (Cambodunum II)